Seeking to have recourse to public funds

Change of circumstances - no recourse to public funds

The Home Office's guidance as at 3 April 2020 allows applications for change of conditions of leave granted on the basis of family and private life in the UK in the event that an applicant's financial circumstances have changed since being granted leave to remain in the UK.

Applicants might be eligible if they were granted leave to remain under the 10 year partner/parent, or private route, where the applicant claimed that refusal of the application would breach their rights under Article 8 of the ECHR (family) or have been granted leave to remain in the UK on the basis of another Human Right.

Applicants might also be eligible to apply if they are currently in the UK on the 5 year partner/parent route, however, the Home Office confirms the grant of change of conditions would lead to the applicant moving on to the 10 year route (qualifying for Indefinite Leave to Remain).

Given the serious long-term implications as well as the evidence required and requirements to be met, we would advise that you seek legal advice in relation to submitting the appropriate application to the Home Office for a change of conditions. 

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